Enhancing employability through higher education

How can universities help students to stand out in a post-Covid labour market?

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Race tends to come behind gender when it comes to university work on equality

Competing hierarchies of oppression: why is race a lower priority?

Gender is often given priority in HE because it’s seen as a universal concern that affects all women, but this ignores racism within gender equality work, says Kalwant Bhopal
University of Birmingham
International students needs careers advice too

Don’t forget that international students need careers support too

Just 2 per cent of international students find jobs through UK universities’ careers services – a big failure given their economic input, says Alexis Brown
Higher Education Policy Institute
Advice on using films to support your teaching

Using films to encourage reflection and critical thinking in your teaching

Noam Schimmel shares advice on how to leverage the pedagogical and emotive power of films to support your teaching
University of California, Berkeley
Research backed advice on managing different national cultures to encourage engagement with learning technology

How does national culture affect the adoption of learning technology?

Na Li, Xiaojun Zhang and Maria Limniou offer tips to counter the hidden cultural and social factors that reduce acceptance of virtual learning environments, based on their research
Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University 
Universities should offer master's-level students the opportunity to gain research experience

So you want a novel way to support untapped research talent?

There’s great scope for the sector to offer research development opportunities to taught postgraduate students, says John McKendrick
Glasgow Caledonian University
Advice on using productive failure to activate deeper learning

Using productive failure to activate deeper learning

Manu Kapur explains how using a flipped-classroom approach, setting students problems that they are unable to tackle properly until they have been taught the associated concepts, deepens their learning through ‘productive failure’
ETH Zurich
Community colleges are at the forefront of work-related study

Community colleges are the front line for workforce innovation

As bachelor’s-granting institutions grow ever more focused on employability, there’s much they can learn from community colleges, say Vicki Karolewics and Bharani Rajakumar
Wallace State Community College, TRANSFR
How to ensure online teaching benefits the education of sustainability issues

Engaging students in applied research to tackle Sustainable Development Goals

Jen O’Brien describes a pedagogical project that engages students in applied research carried out in partnership with external organisations, related to the Sustainable Development Goals
University of Manchester


Community colleges are at the forefront of work-related study

Community colleges are the front line for workforce innovation

As bachelor’s-granting institutions grow ever more focused on employability, there’s much they can learn from community colleges, say Vicki Karolewics and Bharani Rajakumar
Vicki Karolewics , Bharani Rajakumar
Wallace State Community College, TRANSFR
Peer to peer feedback, as used by the Bronte Sisters, is a crucial tool for improving writing skills in university students

If peer feedback was good enough for the Brontë sisters, it’s good enough for us

The shift online provides new ways to harness the power of peer feedback to improve writing skills, say Sherry Wynn Perdue, Pam Bromley, Mark Limbach and Jonathan Olshock
Sherry Wynn Perdue, Pam Bromley, Mark Limbach, Jonathan Olshock
Oakland University, Scripps College, Peerceptiv
In the new normal we might forget the technology and focus on motivating human beings again

Forget the tech – in the new normal, let’s focus on human beings

The key to making learning effective, now and in the post-pandemic world, is focusing on motivation, says Grace McCarthy
Grace McCarthy
University of Wollongong
The power divide between universities in the Global North and Global South makes equitable partnerships impossible

Equal research partnerships are a myth – but we can change that

The current movement for decolonising universities should also be applied to research ‘partnerships’ and their unequal balance of power, say Faith Mkwananzi and Melis Cin
Faith Mkwananzi , Melis Cin
University of the Free State, Lancaster University

THE clinic

Why getting students' names right is important to creating an inclusive learning environment

What’s in a name? The whys and hows of pronouncing students’ names correctly

Xin Xu, Natasha Robinson and Niall Winters explain why correctly articulating students’ names is so important to an inclusive learning environment, and provide practical tips for pronouncing Chinese names
Xin Xu, Natasha Robinson, Niall Winters
University of Oxford
Advice on facilitating peer support among students in large online lectures

Embedding peer support among students in large online lectures

David Quinn explains how strategies that work in person to facilitate active participation and peer support among students can be adapted to large online lectures
David Quinn
University of Edinburgh
Lessons from testing gamification strategies in online teaching

Gamification in the classroom: what have we learned?

Shuhan Li and Olivia Sun share what they learned when testing out gamification strategies and technologies to tackle some of the challenges presented by online learning
Shuhan Li , Olivia Sun
Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University 
Creative writing activities that help students develop their critical thinking skills

Creative writing to hone critical thinking

Parag Dandgey shares creative writing activities designed to improve students’ critical thinking skills by developing their understanding of multiple perspectives
Parag Dandgey
Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University 

Research distilled

Advice on fostering fruitful relationships between students from all over the world

Relationship building among globally diverse students in a borderless university

Monika Foster offers insights into why and how to encourage relationship-building between global learners by celebrating diversity and encouraging collaboration in teaching, learning and assessment
Monika Foster
University of Sunderland
Advice on how online review exercises can be used to improve student performance

Online review exercises to improve student performance in large courses

Online review exercises, used in combination with other learning activities, improve student engagement and learning performance in large online courses, Peng Cheng and Rui Ding explain
Peng Cheng, Rui Ding
Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University 
Advice on designing higher education to make the most out of in-person teaching alongside online instruction

The future of education in the real world: five shifts to consider for building a better learning environment

Kyriaki Papageorgiou outlines shifts in higher education that should help academics in designing more effective teaching and in recognising what areas need in-person instruction and what can be done online
Kyriaki Papageorgiou
A framework for an equity oriented pedagogy that improves student grades

Equitable teaching that creates pathways to success for all students

Andrew Estrada Phuong and co-authors present a framework for an adaptive equity-oriented pedagogy that helps diverse students achieve better results
Andrew Estrada Phuong, Judy Nguyen, Fabrizio Mejia, Christopher Hunn, Dena Marie
University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Orinda Academy

Case studies

Advice for designing and building immersive, large-scale teaching experiences in video games

Generating immersive, large-scale teaching experiences in video games

Richard Fitzpatrick and Thomas Little offer insights for designing and developing immersive learning experiences using video games, based on their experience using Minecraft in their teaching
Richard Fitzpatrick, Thomas Little
University of Edinburgh
Advice on using blogs to showcase and assess students' knowledge

Students as educators: the value of assessed blogs to showcase learning

Matt Davies explains how assessed blogs help translate the thrill of interactive learning into tangible outcomes that enrich and showcase students’ knowledge
Matt Davies
University of Chester
Advice on training students in presenting

Make yourself presentable

Richard Gratwick sketches a course designed to develop students’ presentation skills, whether in person or online, using principles that are universal
Richard Gratwick
University of Edinburgh
Advice on developing an educational app to link students learning to the world around them

Developing an educational app to engage students in the world around them

Niki Vermeulen and Kate Bowell describe a creative approach to place-based learning involving an app that offers educational walking tours linking students’ studies to the world around them
Kate Bowell, Niki Vermeulen
University of Edinburgh


Advice for universities on delivering quality hybrid teaching

Higher education goes hybrid

While many universities have now returned in part to campus, online teaching remains a core component of educational programmes. There are still many students unable to attend their institutions in person for whom remote learning is the only option. So academics face the challenge of delivering effective hybrid teaching which engages those with them in the classroom, as well as those learning via a screen. This collection offers advice on how to successfully manage hybrid instruction.
Advice on taking a compassionate approach to higher education

Teaching with compassion

The well-being of students and faculty has been severely tested throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, sparking calls for a more compassionate approach to higher education. This collection of resources offers advice on embedding care into your teaching practices, whether online or in person.
Five pillars to offering an effective multifaceted education online

Making online learning fun

Students are more likely to be actively engaged in their learning if they are enjoying it and, happily, online teaching offers plenty of opportunity to play around and get creative with your course design and delivery styles. So browse these resources to get some ideas and inspiration for injecting some fun into your online classes.
Advice on reshaping lectures for better digital pedagogy

Rethinking lectures for a digital age

As the debate rages on about the future of the lecture, academics teaching online are developing effective and innovative ways to adapt this traditional style of instruction for a digital age. Here we have bought together advice from faculty all over the world on how to design and deliver "lectures" online for the best possible learning outcomes.

Webinars and podcasts

Webinar discussion how to reduce student drop out rates in the context of the pandemic and online learning

Place-based learning in digital universities

A discussion of how the exploration and understanding of a place can be the backbone of higher education teaching and learning, whether delivered online or in-person
Elizabeth Langran, Reneta Lansiquot , Robbie Nicol, Abbey Willis
Marymount University, New York City College of Technology, University of Edinburgh, Siena College
Podcast discussing building resilience and protecting well-being among university staff and students

THE Podcast: Bridging higher education’s new digital divide

Lauren Herckis from Carnegie Mellon University discusses her research into the new digital divide in ed-tech knowledge and pedagogical training among faculty and how universities can work to fill it
Lauren Herckis
Carnegie Mellon University
Webinar discussion how to reduce student drop out rates in the context of the pandemic and online learning

Cultivating creativity in higher education

Academics from the UK and the US discuss the role of creativity in higher education, its many forms and how to foster it through teaching and research
Bashir Makhoul, Giovanni Moneta, Linda Watts, Yong Zhao
University for the Creative Arts, London Metropolitan University, University of Washington, Bothell, University of Kansas, University of Melbourne
Podcast discussing building resilience and protecting well-being among university staff and students

THE Podcast: What’s needed to successfully scale higher education?

How can universities meet the growing global demand for higher education, increasing access to a wider pool of students while maintaining the quality of their teaching and learning?
Ian Jacobs, Jude Sheeran
UNSW Sydney, Amazon Web Services

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