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Hear about life at university abroad from students, alumni and the THE Student team.

Student life and study abroad blogs

Students raising hand in classroom

Three things that were a culture shock for an Asian student in the UK

Having grown up in Thailand and studied previously in Japan, here are three cultural differences I found studying in the UK and how to navigate them
Nalinrat Tingoum
September 30 2021

Student mental health and wellbeing

A group of friends holding hands to combat loneliness

How to overcome feeling isolated as an international student

Dewiny Shri shares her experience of feeling lonely as an international student in the UK, with some advice for any other students feeling the same way
Dewiny Shri
October 8 2021

Student activities, societies and social life

Student theatre group

How joining a society helped me settle in as an international student

Three international students discuss how joining student clubs and societies helped them build a home away from home at university
September 9 2021

Study tips

benefits of online learning

Flexibility is the biggest benefit of online learning, students say

With many students embarking on a new university semester, THE Student surveyed more than 2,000 of them for their views on the benefits of online learning versus classroom learning
Joy Hunter
September 8 2021

How to make an impact as a university student

Close up of woman putting paper in recycling bin

Climate action and sustainable development: what students can do

University of Manchester student Rachel Grunnill shares ways that students can get involved with sustainable projects at their university
Rachel Grunnill
June 10 2021

Stories from student alumni and university graduates

bringing family on a uk student visa

Alumni perspective: the ups and downs of being a mature international student in the UK

Omolabake Fakunle reflects on her experience applying for and studying at a UK university as a mature international student, business owner and mother
Dr Omolabake Fakunle
July 7 2021
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